I love General Conference.  Genuinely and seriously *love* it.  I tell people it is one of my favorite holidays and I absolutely mean it.  What could be better than a weekend where you get to stay home with your family and listen to the words of the prophets on your TV.  Guidance specifically for our day and age directly for us from those who have authority from God to give it.  If that’s not heaven I don’t know what is.  (Plus, I get to go to church in my jammies.  That’s not something that happens everyday!)  However, often as I’m going through Conference Weekend I feel like I’m trying to catch a waterfall with a cup.  As I’m watching I feel filled to overflowing with inspiration and the spirit of the messages – but I just don’t have the capacity to really take it all in at once.


So when I saw Stephanie from Diapers and Divinity’s idea to have a General Conference Book Club I was thrilled!  What a great way to bring the messages from General Conference into our lives each week, long after the conference itself has ended?  Sadly though her life got busy with other things and she was no longer able to host it.  So I asked her permission to resurrect the idea and she said yes!

So here’s how this works, every Sunday I will post a new talk for the week from the most recent conference.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed here, or follow on Twitter, or Facebook or add the Google Calendar to your calendar – whatever works best for you.  We should have almost exactly the right number of talks to fill in the weeks between conferences if we don’t include those from the Priesthood session or the Women’s broadcast, I’ll try to find a way to work those in somehow though.  You can read the talk, watch it on your computer or listen to it on your smartphone – or whatever method works best for you!  Then if you would like to join in the discussion for that talk come back to the website and we can have a discussion in the comments.  I’m excited to hear all about the different insights people have!

Participate however you feel most comfortable.  If you post some thoughts in your own blog feel free to post a link in the comments.  If you read the talk but don’t have anything particular you want to share, feel free to even just chime in with a “I read the talk, it was great!”

Hopefully this will help you to incorporate the messages from conference more fully into your life, welcome to the club!